Sheriff Joe Arpaio Told He’s Not Welcome at Latina Conference

Sheetal Dhir/Fusion

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio spoke about a recent misfire with the Latino community during an interview with Fusion’s Jorge Ramos on Monday.

A Latina women’s group told the sheriff not to come to their annual gathering last week — an unfortunate decision, Arpaio told Ramos.

Ramos spoke to Arpaio about the rejection while touring Tent City with the self-proclaimed toughest sheriff in America, gaining a unique look into the alternate universe of Joe Arpaio.

Here’s what happened:

Organizers with the National Hispanic Women’s Conference informed Sheriff Arpaio last week that he was not wanted at their event, which is expected to bring in hundreds on Thursday, according to the Associated Press.


Arpaio’s approach to law enforcement was at odds with the tone they wanted to set at the gathering, according to Leticia de la Vara, a spokesperson for the women’s organization.

“He has built quite a big wall between us and his office because of the raids and the path he's taken to approach how he's going to work with the Hispanic community,” de la Vara told KSAZ-TV.


In May, a federal court found that Arpaio and his agency had systematically targeted Latinos in their efforts to enforce immigration law.

Arpaio, famously known for jailing inmates in tents and making inmates wear pink underwear, has taken an outspoken stance for strong enforcement of immigration law during his tenure as sheriff.


Sheriff Arpaio’s full interview with Jorge Ramos and other exclusive content is scheduled to air during Fusion’s launch week on October 28.

Veronica Bautista is a segment producer for AMERICA with Jorge Ramos.

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