LGBTQ activists threw a huge 'queer dance party' right outside of Mike Pence's house

Tahirah Hairston

Last night, America's soon-to-be vice president Mike Pence got quite the welcome party from some of his fiercest opponents in the LGBTQ community.

Pence's bigoted opinions on LGBTQ rights are no secret. During his campaign in 2000, his website was filled with statements opposing same-sex marriages and calling for tax dollars to go to gay and lesbian conversion therapy. When he was Indiana governor, his chief counsel refused to honor same-sex marriages even after they were legalized. And in 2015, he was notoriously forced to amend a controversial so-called "religious freedom" bill after a national backlash against provisions which could have made it legal for business owners to refuse service to LGBTQ people if they thought it conflicted with their religious beliefs.

So, LGBTQ activists from two groups—WERK for Peace and DisruptJ20—organized a protest in the form of a dance party right outside of Pence's Maryland residence. Over 100 people with hula hoops, pride flags, glow sticks, and signs that read "Queer Love" and "Trans Power" marched and danced in the streets near Pence's home to show "Daddy Pence…that homo/transphobia is not tolerated in our country," according to the event's Facebook page.


This isn't the first time Pence has gotten a warm LGBTQ-themed welcome in his neighborhood. When he and his wife, Karen, first moved in, their neighbors welcomed them with rainbow flags.

According to USA TodayPence and his wife weren't home and by the time the protesters got to Pence's block it was closed-off with police barricades. But we're sure their message was still loud and clear.


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