There have always been women veterans in America, going back as far as the Revolutionary War. But for some anonymous note-writer at a Concord, N.C., grocery store, the idea is apparently too ridiculous to comprehend.

Rebecca Landis Hayes served in the U.S. Navy for eight years. During a recent visit to her local grocery store, she decided to take advantage of the special parking spaces the chain offers for veterans.

An unidentified onlooker saw her park in the space, did not approve and left a nasty note, which Hayes posted on her Facebook profile, along with a thoroughly withering reply.


Even beyond the misogynistic premise that women can't be veterans, there's another fundamental flaw in this note. If Hayes couldn't read, how would she be able to take this helpful advice? Clearly, this was not thought through.


Hayes's smackdown of the anonymous troll has since been massively shared on Facebook and other social media networks, and she has received an outpouring of support.

Let this be a lesson to busybodies everywhere: don't leave passive aggressive notes, not even once.