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A new Pew poll confirms that black people have a completely different experience of living in the U.S. than people of other races.

Pew asked white, black, and Latino people whether they believed black people are treated less fairly than white people in the country in six different areas of life, from voting to dealing with police to eating in restaurants.

A majority of black people said they were treated less fairly in four out of the six categories Pew asked about. But only in one category—policing—did a majority in each other race agree with them that they were mistreated.


Overall, 65% of black Americans told Pew they think it is "a lot more difficult" to be black in the United States. A mere 27% of white people agreed with that statement.


A majority of registered voters did agree that it is either "a little more" or "a lot more" difficult to be black in America than it is to be white, and that white people benefit from advantages in society that black people do not have. Even so, there were wide differences in the responses from supporters of Donald Trump as opposed to supporters of Hillary Clinton.


The findings are stark, but they shouldn't be too surprising—especially when it comes to the responses from white people about discrimination. As Fusion has previously reported, white people don’t blame racism for black people’s struggles, but instead blame black people themselves. And half of Americans think so-called "reverse racism" is as big a problem as actual racism.

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