On Sunday, thousands of people in cities across Mexico took to the street in a show of force against Donald Trump. Huge rallies were held in some 20 cities around the country—including Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Mexico City—and were reportedly among the largest anti-Trump rallies in Mexican history.

"We're here to make Trump see and feel that an entire country, united, is rising up against him and his xenophobic, discriminatory and fascist stupidity," one protester in told Agence France-Presse.


In Mexico City, an estimated 20,000 people participated in two separate marches, which reportedly merged to flood the city's main thoroughfare. There, protesters waved flags carried banners and brandished effigies that slammed President Trump for his xenophobic statements about Mexican people, his ongoing immigration crackdown, and his insistence that Mexico will finance his proposed border wall—a claim emphatically, and repeatedly denied by Mexican officials.


"I'm worried about Trump. He's a racist, he's discriminating against us," protester Ruben Rua said to CNN. "What have we done to the United States for them to treat us like this?"


According to the AFP, the protests were backed by a coalition of universities, community organizations, and local businesses, and come as part of a rising surge of resistance to the Trump administration, as well as dissatisfaction with Mexico's current president, Enrique Peña Nieto, who has just a 12% approval rating. Among the many anti-Trump slogans visible at the Mexico City protest, CNN reports some banners demanding "Fuera Peña," or "Peña out."

"We're also marching today to demand that our own rulers put an end to corruption and so much loss of life here and actually look out for the good of the country, not just themselves," Victor Robledo, a 28-year-old office worker who participated in Sunday's march, explained to Reuters.


Sunday's protests come just weeks after a planned summit between Trump and Peña Neito was canceled at the last minute over rising U.S.-Mexico tensions, including Trump's proposed border wall.